Mills Memorial Library from McMaster University was our goal today. Jeff Trzeciak, library director, had invited two of his postdocs to tell us all about two interesting projects.

The first project was the Centre for Digital Scholarship, to be open mid-fall this year. This library wants to bring faculty into the library.

In the library research assistance for faculty projects will be given in a designated area (not open to all visitors), where the faculty also can use up space for their project work (for a limited period, say 6 months). The support can be a webdeveloper, or system administrator and these are in permanent positions with the library, and then can be put into the project. This results in the librarian as a partner, not a service. Nice quote: “know the language of access that is what a researcher needs a librarian for!”
John Maclachlan enthusiastically guided us through Lyons New Media Centre, a place I had on my wishlist. It confirmed my feeling that we should think how we as a library should support the whole creating process, not just the part of writing. Special nerd herds (students from the faculty of science) were 15 hours a week available for media assistance. A green screen, a gaming room, advanced computer facilities were brought together in an area renovated for 800k Canadian dollars (excluding IT investment). McMaster is not really engaged in OpenCourseware, so the library was not involved in weblectures.
Nice quote: An archive is only as good as the access given to it.

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