Well I don’t know. I had a great day Friday October 5, 2012 @tedxdelft. I enjoyed a huge part of the lectures, I listened, thought a lot, and was afraid/ashamed to work at the happening itself, so I checked out, and got back again, and missed Pim the flowerist, and am very sorry about that. I also had my doubts about the Mars mission, thought that the “wiskundemeisje” could have taken more time, would have loved to have a discussion on the “diversity and inclusion” concept, wondered what lecture last year was also constructed around the mindmapping storytelling, as Wendy did this year, and … well you could argue that twitter might fulfil this need for an immediate response or reaction, but is that true?


I do not think so – we had this great thing, our TU Delft Library is placed 4th (four!) in the top 7 of the coolest libraries in the world. Wow! I read that via twitter (say over a week ago) and a few from us at TU Delft of course retweeted. And is the news then spread? Apparently not. We still get messages (via mail or twitter) of people who just (now) saw this as news. What’s the point?


Getting back to our 2nd @tedxdelft. So I missed apparently interaction “right at the spot”, but how could we accomplish that, if not via twitter? Interaction at the end of normal symposia is often very boring. So what would be a good idea for TEDnext? We all are on the stage, the stage is wherever we are. Hmm, would that help? I am not sure, let’ s give it som rest.

Anyway, it was a wonderful Delft experience, and perhaps we will have flowerish lightbulbs on the grassroof sometime somehow somewhere!


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