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Our road to 2024: Working together to ensure a free flow of knowledge

When we worked together on our roadmap in the middle of last year, we could not have imagined the situation we would be in by spring 2020. A situation in which it is obvious how important and relevant it is to share reliable information on time. So that one physician learns from another physician’s successful..

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The future of libraries? Just move forward.

Via Emre Hasan Akbayrak  I read an interesting report from the Aspen Institute (Amy K. Garmer) covering a Leadership Roundtable on Library Innovation. In the roundtable three strategies were identified that “focus on libraries embracing technology as a means to anticipating and addressing consumer needs”. I used the reference in a short talk about the library of the..

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And the most important people are … our authors

Reporting on the ALPSP international conference, 10-12 September 2014. While I am at this (learned society) publishers’ congress, our Board of Directors have sent on September 11 a message to all employees at TU Delft announcing that the way forward is open access. Open access so that contributions to science are spread, read and re-used…

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