It is March 6, 2014 – apparently the time of the year that our Library finishes its retrospective. Almost exactly one year ago I wrote about the highlights 2012, and now I am proudly presenting 2013 to you.

No need to repeat of course what you can find in our annual report, but just because I really like it;-) here is just a bit:

Whether it´s inspiring people, facilitating new forms of education or offering the best possible collection: ingenuity is the key to achieving success. The key to distinguish ourselves and excel in all we do. We, therefore, seek to stimulate and embrace this quality of being ingenious every single day. In both easy-going and challenging times we push our limits to make sure we always deliver through our services

As I wrote in earlier blogs, my own inspiration can come from so many different people, events or features. This week I hope to get inspired by two events with a strong link to our university. The first is a performance by Jasper van Kuijk in Theater de Veste, and the second is the opening lecture of our Cultural Professor Paulien Cornelissen.

I hope that all our 2014‘s actions may bring you some inspiration as well!

Painting made by Marleen van Rijckevorsel, graduation work.