I have been writing about the idea of a living campus for some time now. And now it is that time of the year again. To sit back, clean your laptop, read the blogs or posts you had kept aside and notes you have made the past year.

For a year-and-a-half the TU Delft Library has been enriched with the inspiring programmes Studium Generale is organizing as of 1946 at the TU Delft (SG is now part of the Library organisation). Their main target group is students, but other people interested are always welcome. In 2014 I have attended a few of their events.

The variety is huge, I listened to Desanne van Brederode talking about friendship at one of the monthly “broodjes filosofie”. When do you call somebody a friend, how come that a friendship lasts forever (or not) and when or how are friendships created? Or earlier this year I went to a thematic movie night at “filmhuis Lumen” , composed by Rolf Hut, where he invited Nick van de Giesen to talk about and watch documentaries with as main topic “food production”. Nick van de Giesen had a wonderful line that night about knowledge, and when we I asked him later by email to repeat it, this is sort of what we remembered it was (translated from Dutch): “Contrary to many other means of production knowledge-intensive production is not expensive, it is cumulative and can be transported freely throughout the world ”.

Only recently I attended one of the Sunday morning Van Leeuwenhoek sessions in the TU Delft Science Centre, this time provided by Andy van den Dobbelsteen. Of course Andy is now famous from the solar decathlon team with the Prêt-à-Loger home, but in this lecture he showed what he changed in his own home to make it more energy-friendly, though even for him the maximum allowed 10 MWph is still a heavy challenge!

And there is so much more happening in, at or around the TU Delft campus.  I am looking forward to another year full of life at our campus.

With thanks to Han Heijmans, a beautiful picture of our Library on 16 December 2014.
With thanks to Han Heijmans, a beautiful picture of our Library on 16 December 2014.